On baking and cake making!

The one thing I take pride in is making my kids birthday cakes every year! The only problem is that I think big. A sheet cake is just not going to cut it in my books and I tend to make cakes that will feed 60 people or more. The other thing is that while when it comes to the design I am a perfectionist I am also impatient and my skills are all self taught and not that wonderful. There are times when I am in the middle of a cake process and I think that this time it really is not going to come together. At the end of the day though once the design elements are added it comes pretty ok and while I might not be 100% happy I am always happy that I got to make another cake for my kids even though it took a week of pulling my hair out and hours of work and stress I could have saved myself from. It is always worth it!

Here are a few of the cakes I have loved and hated over the years. Most were for me but 1 or 2 were for friends.

Tyler's second birthday baby einstein catterpillar. The first cake I ever made. each segment is a different flavor cake.

Tyler's 5th birthday Mickey mouse sillhoutte in chocolate. Kai-lee got the same cake in strawberry that year. pink icing with sliced marshmallow polka dots. They were both in love with Mickey Mouse clubhouse. Unfortunately I cannot find a pic of Kai-lee's cake.

Kai-lee's second birthday was a My Little Pony cake. This was one of my more disastrous forays into frosting :) but it tasted great :) There is nothing like fresh strawberry puree to make an awesome cake.

This was a caked I made for my friend Lina before I learned the value of working with a nice cold cake that has been trimmed to prevent slidage :) I still loved this cake though and I intend to attempt it again. The white chocolate with the lemon cake and fresh berries was yummy.
A cake I made for my friend Jenny's son's third birthday. This cake proves that no matter how bad you are at working with buttercream if you can add enough window dressing you can make anything look good :)

The pig up close right after I made him.

Kai-lee's 5th birthday cake! I honestly thought this one would never come together but somehow it did.

The one that almost did not make it! Disaster struck the the top tier pretty much fell apart! This is a testament to the fact that buttercream makes great glue. Even if the cake does look a tad dishevelled at the end of the day.

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