The best damn lemon butter EVER!!!

The one thing most people learn pretty quickly about my cooking is that I do not use recipes. Well hardly ever anyway. Cooking to me is about personal taste and we all have our own. When I share my own personal cooking tips you will find that the recipes are pretty vague but hopefully they give enough information that you can figure out the flavor that works for you.
This lemon butter recipe is smooth and creamy and a must have with any seafood dish. Once youve added this to seafood I have doubts you will want it any other way again.


1-2 lemons
1 stick butter (1/2 cup)
Heavy whipping cream (Approx 1 cup)
Garlic salt to taste

Melt stick of butter in a saucepan over a high heat then bring it to medium heat. squeeze 1-2 lemons according to taste and stir. The less lemon you use the creamier the lemon butter will taste but if you prefer a sharper more lemony flavor then stick with 2 lemons. Add the cream and garlic salt to taste then bring heat back up a little and keep stirring till you achieve a slow rolling boil. The mixture should be a nice creamy sauce consistency at this point. Taste and add more lemon, garlic salt or cream to achieve the balance you prefer.
You can use the same method to make a garlic sauce. Substitute lemon with freshly crushed garlic and add the garlic at the melting butter stage to bring out the garlic flavors. This version works better with less cream and more butter and garlic.

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