Pie under construction

I have had a hankering for Pie for a while now and today I woke up saying "today is the day I will make this pie!" I wanted something rich and hearty so I bought some red wine, mushrooms, beef and I know this is going to sound wierd but bear with me "chicken livers". I know most people are in eww mode at this ingredient but trust me if you want to add a layer of richness to a dish chicken livers will do it every time. I made a short crust patry which is super simple and always makes the best ever pie crust, and then proceeded to create the filling. All in all the dish came out AMAZING! The one small change I will make next time is to not add flour before the baking stage because it did not need the thickener at all due to the potatos.
As you can see this blog is still under contruction because A I need to come up with a name for this pie and B I need to work out the measurements, because I am more of an instinctive cook and rarely use recipes, but I do want to share this yummy dish.
Here are the pictures for now :) Please let me know if you have any name ideas.

The Pie right before going into the oven (see it's pretty egg wash glaze)

Right out of the oven

First slice

First cut

Dinner is served

Everyone went for seconds!

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