Prego rolls

I dream of Prego rolls! They probably rank among my top five cravings since I left South Africa. They are simple yet amazing, and altogether simply amazing!

There are a couple different variations to Prego rolls that you can go with depending on your taste. One of the traditions is to put a fried egg on top of the steak portion. It really is good this way as all the ingredients come together nicely with the spice. Some people prefer a tomato, and onion relish on their prego roll, and some people prefer loads of toppings, and garnishes. 
Me personally I am a minimalist. All I want on my Prego is steak, and Peri peri. I will let you choose your own preference :)

4 top relatively thin round steaks
1 cup red wine
2 torn bay leaves
2 cloves crushed garlic
1oz Butter
2 tblspoons Olive oil
4 Portuguese Rolls click link for recipe
Peri peri sauce  click link for recipe

Marinate steaks in the red wine,bay leaves, and one crushed garlic clove for as long as you can handle waiting!
Heat butter, and second garlic clove in a small pan, until butter turns golden then set aside.
Take the meat out of its marinade, and pat dry. (Keep the marinade)
Heat the Olive oil on high in a non stick pan. When the pan is very hot add the steaks, and fry quickly. Cooking time should be quick due to the size of the steaks. Cook to your preference.
Remove the steaks from heat, and let them rest. Meanwhile put the halved Portuguese rolls under the grill to toast lightly.
Add marinade to the pan, and bring back to heat. Add garlic salt, and pepper to taste, and deglaze till it heats, and thickens.
Add Peri peri sauce, and dip the steaks one by one back into the pan to gather the sauce. Then dip the top of the Portuguese roll halves into the leftover sauce in pan.
Drizzle the warmed garlic butter on to the bottom part of the Portuguese rolls.
Construct your prego roll, pour any of the juice from when the steaks were resting back onto the steak, and add extra Peri peri sauce if you prefer the heat.

Bom Apetite!

It took me awhile to find the right recipe, and I finally found it on this lovely little blog
I made my own variations to get it just right, but honestly this one was the closest I have come to finding a recipe of the Prego rolls I grew up eating.

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